If the kids have been keeping summer sleeping hours such as going to bed late and getting up late, begin changing the routine.  Go to bed fifteen minutes earlier each night until they are back at their regular school bed time. Make sure they get up fifteen minutes earlier too.

¤ Clean out the closet, review clothing needs, and organize what is there to help prevent buying things that are already on hand. Check for items that siblings can reuse or repurpose.

¤ For school supplies take inventory of what is on hand before you buy. Then when you purchase items for school keep it to basics. Kids don’t need pencils or pens that glow in the dark or have fancy toppers, or anything else that will be a distraction in the classroom.

¤ If you have older kids talk to them about the budget. Get them involved in price comparisons and online shopping. This is true preparation for reality and adulthood that will quickly arrive.

¤ Plan breakfast menus. It is the most important meal of the day. There are websites that can provide tips and tricks for freezer cooking so that food is ready to go:


Create a morning and bedtime routine. A predictable routine is important for young kids because they know what to expect and what to do, which helps  life flow much more smoothly.

¤  Take a few minutes on the weekend and have them plan out their basic wardrobe for the week. I know that some like to make last minute changes and but deciding what to wear can make a morning come to a complete stand still. I know. 

I hope these tips and tricks will help get your family off to a great school year!


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