A confetti and a swing family photo session

I love photographing families that have the mindset of" just hanging out and having fun with your family" attitude. Enjoying each other company.

We met up in the early morning hour for their family session (this is the 3rd time I photograph them and I LOVE to see the girls grow and how they change from year to year). The sisterly bond is there, and big sister Anoushka is the calm one and taking care of her younger sister (we have that in our own family as well, the eldest daughter in an almost automatic way takes care of her siblings...).

We brought some fun props for their session, confetti was a big hit, it flew everywhere and all over the place (and yes, I did clean up afterwards:) and photographing confetti is HARD but we managed to get some nice photos in the end:).
Mu birch swing was also a big hit and I try to use if for most of my family sessions to have a lovely variety of photos. 
The morning was hot and after running around, playing catch and swinging Im sure enjoyed the aircon in the car:).

Thank you so much for choosing me as your family photographer, I adore the way you connect and have fun and it's so obvious when you look at your photographs throughout the years to come!

And thank you for reading this far, and for stopping by to see my photography work, I have some new ideas for the autumn season and can't wait to share it with you, but more on that later:).