My summer weeks in Sweden

Hey all! I hope you have had a fantastic summer vacation wherever you have been! Many of us travel back to our home countries during a few weeks to catch up with family and friends that you haven't seen in a while.

I have just gotten back to Singapore after 10 weeks in Sweden, yes 10 weeks! I can't believe how fast they passed by, even if I stayed longer than i usually do this time around.

And I must honestly admit, I didn't do much photography at all, I brought my camera as I always do but after a super hectic Spring, I felt that we needed a break my camera and I:).I did however photograph 2 families and 1 day full wedding which I am super excited to show you guys some photos from!

This summer was a special one in more ways than one, after 10 years living in Singapore we bought our summer house, it's not that we haven't been looking but this year we found our dream place and we fell in love with the house and the location. I have realised that I'm not a city girl by any means (and maybe my photography has been trying to tell me that all along, since i love photographing in the forest with high grass, replicating the summers of Sweden I guess).

Our daughter Erica, that has been helping me with some photo sessions here has also moved back to Sweden since she will study Film at Örebro university, she was only 10 when we left Sweden for Singapore so its a big change for her of course, but how about me? Just kidding but honestly even though we KNOW we only have our kids for borrows until they are ready to leave their home, it sure is difficult being so far away! Luckily, she brought her pug Polly with her, we were so nervous that anything would go wrong with the paper work, the flight over here, pugs are not known to love to fly (however we did a surgery on Polly to help her breath better) but we didn't have to worry at all, everything run smoothly and she loved running around in the garden and bark at the new neighbours!

The summer has been amazing, not much rain at all and the temperature has been what we love to say in Sweden "lagom" which basically means not too much or too little of anything, so not too hot or too cold, just "lagom"haha. When I left a couple of days ago I was happy to get a feeling of autumn as well, summer and autumn in one trip, happy! Now I don't feel I need to go back for those changing colours in the leafs, dropping temperatures and cold mornings! Better stay here in Singapore :).

The kids immediately found new friends and they went swimming in the evenings in the fresh water lake, we went up early in the morning to go fishing but most of all, we jus spent the time together, realising that things would change and we would part a few weeks later.

Being in Sweden was soothing to my soul and the memories we created together is magical and I can't wait to go back for Christmas ( I guess you have to be born in one of the Nordic countries to enjoy grey skies, foggy mornings and rain for Christmas).

Hope you enjoyed to see a piece of my weeks in Sweden!