Photographing the best of friends

These are the cutest sisters I know, and I feel so blessed that I got to photograph them again this year (this is the 3rd time I photographed them and I just love to see how much they grow every year). 
This year we met up at Hagaparken in Stockholm, right beside where the Princess Victoria of Sweden lives with her family, you can basically see her house from where we photographed :).

These girls are both into gymnastics and it was quite obvious that I wasn't when they started doing gymnastic flics at the end haha. Before that, we (my daughter Erica came along and did video so looking forward to see that!) photographed the girls dancing and singing (which they love to do) on a gorgeous stub, being all giggles playing catch and just being close. I love moments like this.

There is something very special to save moments like this, don't let them slip away.


Gunilla LindgrenComment