My Swedish summer house

Every summer since we left Sweden for Singapore (10 years ago) we have lived at my parents house. For the first summers that was absolutely perfect, the kids got quantity time with their grandparents and we were close to family and friends. We also explored Sweden quite a bit, travelling to places we had not visited before, so for us it worked out very well.

But in the back of our heads, we also wanted a place of our own, and for me being interested in interior design, I started a post on Pinterest called "My future summer house" MANY years ago so it was a process for us to finally take the step and actually buy a summer house.

Now we are proud owners of a house in northern Stockholm, with a sea view, a BIG lawn and closeness of the archipelago at our door step. Not to forget, the forest is surrounding the house and garden, which I absolutely love!

The summer house is like an empty canvas that i can now create as I like, I'm not rushing, in fact some of the furniture is left by the previous owners and not chosen by me, I want to mix old and new pieces, the country charm with the industrial feel.

So, here is a little sneak peak to our newly bought summer house, that we so quickly have gotten so fond of!

I hope you enjoyed stopping by!