How to create the best family photography experience?

Family photography Singapore

When I'm at a photoshoot with my families we always start with getting to know each other a bit more, especially with the kids whom I most of the time meet for the first time. I make sure everyone is relaxed and excited to play. Play, you might ask? Yup, for me that is vital to good photographs. If you are looking for super casual photos I'm not your gal. At all. On the other hand, if you are looking for photos that ooze with love, laugher and candid connections, I'm all in. 

This photo shoot was so much fun, I want to do it again! Everybody went right in, interacting, having fun together and with my guidance we created gorgeous photographs of this family. One of the photos ended up as a huge canvas in their living room!

What is the magical formula for candid photographs?

Engaging with the kids, and letting them take charge is something I do often, and I tell the parents that for 1.5 hour, the kids rule:). Obviously, we don't tell the kids that...but they will feel it after a while and I always start with taking the family shots first, once the kids feel like hey, this is fun, it gets harder to bring them back in and slow down the energy. By having the sibling or parent behind my camera making jokes, singing, goofing around (whatever works really) we get these massive natural smiles reaching from one eat to the other. I have a bunch of different games that work well for creating natural smiles and authentic emotions. its just a matter of how much fun do you want your session to be?

For this family shoot, the parents put their guard down and did just that, played with their kiddos, and let the kids be who they are, instead of intrusive posing, and we created some magical moments.

Pure joy, I tell you! 

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