Family photographer Singapore

A family of 5? Yes I can relate. Being a mother of 3 kids myself I understand the struggle of getting some nice natural pictures! What a better way than to have someone else take the pictures while you just laugh, cuddle and have fun with your kids. It makes some AMAZING pictures.  

This photo shoot was so much fun, I want to do it again! These kids had such big personalities and curiousities about life. Wanting to explore the park by having fun and goofing around is always something that allows me to capture whimsical images. By having the sibling or parent behind my camera making jokes, singing, goofing around (whatever works really) we get these massive natural smiles reaching from one eat to the other. And it really helped when the parents in this family let their guard down and just spent the morning having fun with their children!

Pure joy, I tell you! 

Have a great day :) xx