An amazingly fun photo session!

This mama and papa loves to hang out with their children. They play, laugh and connect together. Daddy swinging little Leif, back and forth, high and low until Leif was all giggly, actually the same playful swing that daddy did when Arya was just a baby, it became their thing, father and daughter.

We were able to let go of the posing (most of it anyway) and just followed the kids around, it helps if daddy is so playful as this one:).

Little brother Leif was particularly fond of picking the grass (and having snacks) and we photographed them both on (and IN) the same suitcase that Arya was photographed in at the same age, sneaking a smiley giggle in from time to time, I witnessed those magical moments of pure love with this family. We all have our unique story, an unique connection with our children and when it is as strong as with this family, you just enjoy the ride!

I was refreshed with a joyous exhilaration of capturing these perfect fleeting moments. This all passes by too quickly, and Im simply overjoyed to be able to capture families in Singapore and their story. 

Thanks for stopping by!