Glowing maternity session

Professional maternity photography  is not the snap of Instagram or a few shots taken on a whim in your kitchen. It is working with someone who knows that certain poses will photograph better than others, that lighting is key, and with a bit of guidance, you will look as amazing on the outside that you hopefully feel on the inside.

For your session, Sugarlight Photography provides you with the option of shooting in a private location, such as your home, where we create imagery that will look gorgeous.
You also have the option of being photographed outdoors at your fav location.
We also have a few maternity dresses if you wish to create a more creative touch to them.

If you or anyone you know is pregnant and looking for a photographer to create meaningful photographs of this short time of your life, just get in touch, I would love to start planning your photoshoot.
Have a lovely day, 

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