Whimsical children session/Children photographer Singapore

This photoshoot was truly a fun one! The running around in the grass, the screaming, the crazy, the cuddling and everything in-between! It was a workout much needed for me to follow these two around, thank God it was cloudy! 

I got so happy when their mama told me she wanted to use these indian headpieces because they are not suitable for every photo shoot, when I incorporate props it needs to be age appropriate and these two boys were the perfect match! They make the images just so much better! Like for example the one of the eldest climbing in the tree! How great is that one?! :) 

It must be really nice having kids that are around the same age. So they enjoy the same things and play nicely together like these cuties! Not like my youngest and my eldest who have a 14 year age gap, its good for babysitting purposes but, ehh, not when it comes to playing! And oh my, don't even get me started on choosing a movie on our movie nights! "ZOOTROPOLIS!" vs "HOW TO BE SINGLE!". And yes it happens that there is popcorn throwing during these fights, and yes... I am usually caught between the two! So I am sorry if I show up to an early photo shoot one day with popcorn still stuck in my hair! ;) Haha! 

I purchased these head pieces when I was in Bali for a family holiday. I remember clearly the look my hubby gave me when I picked the headpieces up in the store as if to say "What the h*** are you going to do with those?". And of course I just smiled and gave him the "just you wait and see" look..... 

This whimsical photo shoot was truly a success. I captured the boys when they were being themselves and having fun together, what more can I ask for? 

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