Your inner voice

Maybe it's just that time of the year. Every autumn feels like a fresh start, I have had time to recharge my batteries over the summer, think about how I want my work balance to be, new goals for my business and how I can still let creativity be a part of my daily life. Do you ever stop and think about things like this, or is it just me?

You owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people, don't forget about yourself, what you need, your inner voice, your souls whisper. I have always been very interested in people and faces and why we act the way we do, and photographs help me to see the beauty in life, yo know the soul part, beautiful photos help me appreciate life and they can sometimes tell the story that is so hard to explain to others. Sometimes we just need to slow down, take a deep breath and really think about how we want to live our lives.

Make a list of things that makes you happy, make a list of things that you do everyday, compare the lists, adjust accordingly. And again, I guess its that time of the year but I love to make lists of everything to kick start a new season. I make sure to fill out the lists with different things, such as for my photography business, for my family, for me, cause they are all combined anyway.

How do you prepare yourself to get what you want this autumn, I would love to hear.

Have a lovely day,

PS This photo was taken a while back during a visit in Cambodia. I can not even start to imagine his life story, what he and his family has been through, the struggles they have met. When I stepped out on that field, making my way towards this man and waived my camera as to gently ask "may I take your photo"? he smiled, put the old cigar and put it at the back of his old hat, swung the axe over his shoulder and started laughing. At that precise moment, I felt humbled to have met him briefly and without a word of English I understood him. This moment has since then been at the back of my head, when I sometimes struggle (and it's embarrassing because there is no real struggle or real problem, I just feel it is) he seemed genuinely happy, with not having much and it's embarrasing to complain about anything in my life. I don't have the right to do so.
Puh, that was a long PS...thanks for reading.