My home office

Working from home has many perks. One. I could go to work in my PJ's. I mean I could if I wanted to, not saying I would :) Or would I? ;) No but in all seriousness, I love working from home. I can do literally anything I want with my work space, which I did! I turned everything all around to change the space into MY SPACE.

I have a sofa for my lovely clients to snuggle up in when we meet up, then of course a little coffee table where we keep our snacks and the massive table holding up the desktop along with even more snacks ;) See my gum ball machine to the left? Yes... It is awesome!

 It's a win win situation for me to work from home. I'm home when the kids leave to school and I really do try to turn off work when the kiddos get home from school (see how I wrote's a struggle...for reals...:). 

I also think it gives a really personal touch to my relationship with my customers. They really see ME when they step into my home.  And in the end they let me into their family, and I get to be a part of something amazing where we capture gorgeous  moments together! 

I'm gonna take some more photos of the office soon, so stay tuned!