Me as your photographer

Children photographer singapore

Things you might want to know about me before meeting me:

- It is highly likely that I will get extremely excited during your consultation meeting due to all the photography ideas I get

- I have 3 beautiful children and a amazing supportive husband, who brings order to my creative mind

- If it weren’t for my hubby, I wouldn’t be photographing (he insisted I should purchase a DSLR many years ago, I wasn't so keen on it, but once I got it...oh man)

- You would probably beat me at poker. I do NOT have the ability to hide my emotions and it will be quite apparent at your session.

Some call me over organized (if that’s even possible) I handwrite, highlight and cross over everything I do. NEVER trusted the computer calendar!

I get excited when I see beautiful light, a beautiful moment between people or a new place I can hold my photo shoots at

I’m all about being bubbly and lovely but when it gets down to business, I’m on a mission

I get emotionally tied to every session. I have to.  I couldn’t do this otherwise. 

That's a little about me, if you are interested to getting to know me more, just get in touch!
Have a fab day,