Is there any difference between photographing men and women?

I can honestly say that I mostly have photographed women for their corporate headshot or portraits. When Mat approached me I was so excited to photograph him, cause he wanted several locations, wanted to use props and he needed more than the 3 high res photos that are usually in the package.

I headed down to Marina Barriage, excited (and ok, I was a bit nervous, I admit it) and we had a blast! Mat had left the corporate world (after working WAY to many hours for someone else) he  now geared to moving back to Australia and work for himself. The photos were used in a book he wrote, how cool is that?!
He also supports an organisation that provides clean water to the thirds world, and of course we took some nice photos of that as well. And he loves to bike (and I hardly can get ON my bike...not to mention ride it...).
After Marina Barrage photo shoot, we headed back to my lovely East Coast neighbourhood for some more portraits, I had spotted an orange wall a couple of days before his shoot, and thought it would be amazing to photograph there and so we did, and the manly pose, his bicycle gear and the strong colour of orange, KABOOM! Perfect combination.

And yes, it is few differences photographing women and men, men of course wants to look masculine and women more on the feminine side, so posing is for sure different. And some of the backgrounds we used I may not have used for a women photograph (but the orange wall and the blue doors, I could photograph there any day, love the background). But other than that, we are all humans, wanting to look the best we can, especially in photographs:).

So happy you love the photos Mat, good luck on your new adventures "down under" !

Thanks for stopping by and may you have a wonderful day,