A Grace Tale photo session

First time I met Lisa was for her photo shoot for Sassy Mama, I was struck by her gorgeous boys, her airy and colorfully decorated home and of course Lisa is the Queen of fitness, being the owner of Ufit Bootcamps.

This time her shoot was for "Grace tales" in Australia and I was thrilled to photograph her 3 cheeky boys and of course Lisa (:) again! From the time I arrived until I left it was all play with the four of them, running, playing and a lot of cuddling!
Organized chaos as Lisa described it, as the way it should be with a family of cheeky children, and wouldn't have it any other way!

I love the feeling that came out from this photo session, the laughter and the connection that they all share, it's priceless!

Thank you so much Lisa for letting me photograph you guys again!

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