Why you should photograph your family

Last summer I went to visit and old friend of mine, and we were looking at old photographs of her family as well as photographs of ourselves. In that way I got to know Annas grandmother (and the rest of her family) through the photos they kept, the letters they wrote and the stories they told. We would have never spent this same amount of time in front of a computer, looking at a slideshow of photos.

No one stopped to go grab a digital file for me to look at. Nobody showed me that wonderful email they got and printed out. We spent time with physical prints. Heirlooms.

Memories  that told the story of Anna and our friendship in a way that can't be told with mere words.

What I do as photographers is important. Vitally important.

I  may not be saving lives, but we are responsible for creating the reminders of why life is worth living in the first place.

The reminders that we were alive. We existed. We had our own stories to tell. 

And I get to tell those stories. hearing stories about when the photo was taken, where it was taken and reading the handwritten notes on the back.
What's your family's story?


Gunilla LindgrenComment