The cuteness I'm working on

Meeting up with this cute family two weeks ago to capture their family photographs, little did we then know that they are actually leaving Singapore in summer. So that we got the opportunity to photograph them in their Singapore neighbourhood will for sure bring great joy to them, once settled back home in the U.S

And how about that doggie, Marshall!? As a owner of three doggies myself (yes three!) I loved that they brought him to their family session as well! He was mostly cool about the whole shoot, until I tried to separate him from the family for some creative shots, he didn't like that at all :).

I LOVED photographing in this urban setting since it still has an old charm to it, so it was a perfect combination and once Oscar showed me his cute (Or hmmm, scary) dinosaurs they were part of the photos, they were hiding in the bushes, they were tickling Oscar they were jumping off the pavement...tricky those dinosaurs:).

At the end of their session, Oscar had brought a surprise for his parents, knowing it was Valentines Day and all, he had written a card and wrapped a box of Lego for his parents to unwrap, so cute!

I'm working on your gorgeous photographs at the moment, this was just a sneek peak for you:)