A headshot kinda session

I have had the pleasure of knowing Carin for 9 years, since I arrived in Singapore actually.

There are few people I know that are as cheerful and extremely helpful person and she has been our little guru in the Swedish community!

The first years of our stay here in Singapore, we were active in SWEA, arranging several different activities and events for the Swedish community, later Carin started working at the Swedish embassy and I ventured into the business of photography.

Although, due to our busy schedules, we didn't always have time to meet as often as we should have wanted, but I knew she was always gonna be there for me if needed.

I know you will be greatly missed in Singapore, but also know you will enjoy your new adventure in Switzerland (and on the plus side, people always confuse Sweden with Switzerland anyway, so you are all covered :).

Good luck on your new adventure, our little ice skating princess!


Lots of love,