Bali vacay coming up!

Isn't it funny how things change? First time I visited Bali (for a photography workshop with one of the worlds best children photographers, Jinky art) I did not see the charm in Bali. I mean AT ALL... I had heard so many happy visitors, I just saw drunk youths at 10 am in the morning, crazy traffic and mothers with newborns begging for some money. I couldn't wait to head back to Singapore.

A few years after, I tagged along with hubby when he went to Bali for work. And BAAM. I saw it. The amazing people of Bali, their craftmanship, the outstanding dramatic rice fields, the surfers riding the waves, the laid back lifestyle. 

And now, I'm so happy to be going back for the Easter Break, you know how Instagram is just amazing on sharing favourite spots and I'm looking forward to capture some amazing photographs of landscape and people.
And just chilling of course :)