Sassy mama feature

I'm a proud photographer of Sassy mamas "that mama", we feature amazingly talented mamas joggling business and motherhood, they share their stories on how the cope with it all.Lifestyle portrait sessions are so incredibly special because they preserve the details of day to day life. Documenting these moments gives us the gift of help our clients hold on tight to the unique details of their lives.

This is Michelle Tham, the owner of Leapfrogs and her gorgeous baby boy Pico, he was  was so content and happy during the shoot, just tagging along, looking curiously at the camera, most probably thinking "what the heck is she doing"? :). Michelle talks about motherhood and how to combine work balance as being a wife and mother, her favourite restaurant is Blu Kouzina (love that greek restaurant in Dempsey Hill) and how relaxes after a day at work, read the full article on Sassy mama!

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