How does a family photo session with Sugarlight look like?

Ever wondered what we actually do on a family session? Well, here you go:).

Our family sessions are to say the least, relaxed and fun. The importance is to keep the children happy and do things that creates those natural smiles and laugher instead of the forced ones.
We usually start with photographing the family together, that way the children feel safe and we ease them into the photo session, sooner than you know it they are all good to go and we have to chase them instead:).

We capture a lovely variety of photos of the children individually, children with each parent and children doing something fun together. We want to show the bond between each and every one in the family. We tune in on how the children are finding the session, if they seem to not like what we are doing, well, then we skip that and move on to something else. The children are in charge at the session but ssshhh, don't tell them:).

We will be showing more behind the scenes from our sessions, so stay tune! We are just editing a fun family session's video on an urban location, it was so much fun!