Two girls + hammock + watermelon

I mean, what can really go wrong with two cute girls, a hammock and watermelons. You're right, not much! These girls are best friends, they share every secret, every precious moment they are spending together. And boy, are they funny! Cheeky, giggly girls in the afternoon sunlight, it was so much fun capturing them together, and once they both are off to university in most likely different parts of the world, they will still have their memories in these photographs.

Barefoot in the summer light, it reminds me of back home in Sweden, when after a long winter we would kick off our shoes, and enjoy an afternoon in the hammock with a cooling lemonade. Thats summer and childhood in a nutshell. 

Thank you so much girls, for letting me photograph and share your story together! You are both amazing and I will follow you on your road in life with great anticipation!
Stay cheeky, always!