Behind the scenes on a family photo session

Hi! I hope you are having an amazing week so far! 
In todays blog post I wanted to share a little sneak peek behind the scenes from a recent family photo session. I have a few favourite locations when photographing my family clients, this however, was a new location and I LOVED it:). 

Personally I love seeing videos of behind the scenes of a photo shoot, you get a feeling of how the vibe is, how the photographers personality is and it's plain fun to watch! This is the short version, so just the sneak peek, the full fusion with both video and photographs will be up soon, so stay tuned!

At the end of the video you hear my beautiful (ha, right) voice saying "You are soooo cute", you have just been warned:)!

Enjoy this gorgeous Wednesday, and if you liked to see a sneak peek like this, just comment below for more:)