The first days of life |Singapore newborn photographer

There is just something about being in someones home and capturing their first days with their newborn It’s never lost on me that my clients are trusting me with their most loved, precious, & prized thing. Their babies. It really is true what they say, if you do what you love it doesn’t feel like work.

Being a mother of three kiddos myself i truly understand what the parents are through, the immediate love they are feeling, the emotions that comes with welcoming a new life and sometimes the sense of helplessness.

he difference between us though, is that I don't have one single photograph from any of my kids being newborns, with the first two I don't think it was invented (haha, I feel so old writing that) and with my latest (turning 6 in April) I struggled with feeding and sleep the first couple of weeks so badly I never got around to it and after that it just fell out of memory.

 I believe that is why I so strongly and passionately LOVE photographing newborns, the time with a newborn is fast passing and if you don't capture it and kinda "bottle" it, you will not remember it! Trust me on this one.

Celeste and Anton, thank you for trusting me capturing the first photographs of your precious little boy. I can just feel that he will grow up and achieve great things!

Enjoy your day,


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