Family photo shoot

Their son Nathans laughter is completely contagious. And little Miss Olivia is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And this must be the most loving parents ever.

We could not have asked for more amazing weather or more beautiful blue skies! An afternoon breeze on East Coast and sun setting behind us, absolutely gorgeous!

Most my family sessions are....well....I wouldn't exaggerate and say chaotic but they are intense. The reason is that I let kids be kids, and capturing them as they are, right in this moment. That involves a lot of running and connecting with the children and letting them do their thing, if you would try and do something they don't like, they sure will let you know:). And I wouldn't wanna have it any other way, since that way we are capturing true emotions and happiness.

 We ended the sessions with bubbles. Bubbles are always a fantastic element to bring to a shoot. Kids go nuts over them (see Olivias absolutely adorable happiness chasing the bubbles) and bring nothing other than excitement into the frame. They sure were bubblefied!

When I look at these photos from our family session together I see nothing but true love and connection. And happy children.

wish you an absolutely lovely day!

PS If you are interested in a family session/kid photographer/maternity photo shoot before Christmas please get in touch asap, I'm getting fully booked and I will be travelling from mid December to January 2017. DS