Family fun at Sentosa

I met Anna-Karin the first time when we were both pregnant. Me with my youngest (and absolutely my last) and Anna-Karin with her first born. We met with a bunch of Swedish ladies once a week during our pregnancy and with our babies, turning toddlers.

A few years ago Anna-Karin and her family moved back to Sweden but they keep coming back to visit their second home Singapore that they hold so dearly. We have been trying the last couple of years to photograph them, both in summer in Sweden and here in Singapore but our dates has always clashed, until now:). So happy to get to photograph them again (I did photograph them at Sentosa when Meja was 1 years old) and Sentosa has always been extra dear to this family, so the location was perfect!

So happy to meet their little Winston as well, what a sweetheart! It was so much fun to try and keep up with his games and energy, and he seems to be quite a cuddler:). Meja is the perfect big sister, with such calm and grace, just like a little princess.

Thank you so much for letting me capture your family photos, I know you will treasure them forever! And see you in Stockholm in summer:).

Much love,