Outdoor portrait session

I photographed Manon and Fleur a while back, they wanted some relaxed and professional headshots done. We went to my favourite park on a warm morning and got some really lovely portraits of them, together and separately. This is my favourite photos of Manon.

Since my move to Malta, I will still offer headshot sessions, both for companies as well as for private persons. Since its so important how you present yourself on social medias.

THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD HEADSHOT It’s not “just” a headshot!

I recently heard the phrase “A good headshot is the new handshake” – and it really is!  So much business is done online these days, often without even meeting the person you’re dealing with, that it’s essential that you have a headshot that reflects your personality, your brand, and is true to you. 

With social media and our online presence playing such a huge role today in the success of our businesses, it is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light.
It was great fun and knowing that these images would be Manons with the online clientele made me feel happy!

If you are looking for new profile/headshots, don't hesitate to contact me today! I would love to meet you.