We are moving to Malta

10 years ago, almost to the date, we moved to Singapore from Sweden. Leaving for a new adventure, selling our house and our belongings back home and jumped on the plane with two children, aged 6 and 10.

Living on this little red dot for the past 10 years has changed my life, in many ways but particularly in 2 very specific ways.

I discovered photography. Going from taking one photo off the kids at the Christmas tree, to pick it up again six months later for a birthday party to becoming a professional photographer, running a successful business. That is some kind of journey!

Our youngest son is born here. If he gets asked where he's from he undoubtedly answers: Singapore. He has brought so much joy into our lives, both to us as parents but to his older siblings as well. He is our cheeky one:).

Life changes. In our minds we never really thought of leaving Singapore and especially not in a few years time. Life takes another turn than expected and we just have ro roll with it. We will now start another chapter of our lives, and a new adventure begins. 

We are moving from one tiny island (not sure what it is with us only living on small islands....) to another tiny island in the Mediterranean, to be more specific, Malta.
Malta is located just south of Sicily and close to Crete, Greece. With a 4 hours direct flight to Sweden, it means I can go and see family and friends more often than once a year, I especially miss my daughter insanely much.

Being a sentimental person, this move with all extraordinary memories of our first abroad position, and all the wonderful people we have met, has been a rollercoaster of feelings, sad to leave Singapore as well as excited for something new. 

I just have had to make a mindful decision to be happy and excited about the move, and not let the mixed emotions take over.

Singapore, you are amazing, I'm happy you let me and my family live here and take part of your culture and the lovely people of Singapore, giving me memories and two things I will always carry with me: my love for photography and my little one. Thank you!

This does not mean farewell, just goodbye and see you around, Singapore