Maternity session at sunset

Maternity photography Singapore

I was so excited for this maternity session – you have no idea! First – mom is gorgeousness. Second – she’s amazing. And third – they are so excited to meet their baby boy in a couple of weeks!

As always the afternoon sunset at East Coast beach in Singapore did not let us down, not one bit, it was the most gorgeous of evenings and the breeze was somewhat cooling us down:). Maternity session are very dear to my heart to photograph and when we add the fun to the session the photographs turns out so beautifully, thank you so much for letting me create these lovely memories for you!

I specialise in maternity photography, and  do spend a lot of time with each client to create the most gorgeous photographs for them. Together with my clients we are always aiming to create the most beautiful photographs. There are different steps to achieve gorgeous photos, one of them are clothing and I'm having a few ideas on how I can take the maternity session to a whole different level here in Singapore.
I'm ordering  absolutely gorgeous maternity gowns for my clients from the US, can't wait to show you! Think dreamy tulle with excited for my first maternity shoot with it!

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