Kid photographer Singapore

This is Giselle. This is her story. Giselle likes to dance and swirl in her pink tutu skirt. She loves to play with confetti, see how the wind catches it and how most of it fall into the ground. She loves to swing, so much that it overpowers anything else she likes to do. And she is ticklish :).

This is a unique and carefully executed experience for your child to be captured in a natural and genuine way. The intent of creating meaningful and artistic portraits that have a tie to your child’s personality. It's an age of innocence, learning and curiosity.

When they first called to schedule their portraits they said they were a fun group of girls and they absolutely lived up to that expectation.  Thank you for making it so enjoyable!

Photos don't get any less amazing as time goes on, they only get better. Children grow up so quickly, in fact so quickly we don't even realise it in our busy lives. Their personality changes as well as their interest from year to year. And it's not that we don't treasure it, but how do we keep those memories alive? No one regrets having gorgeous photos taken of their children.

What story does your family tell?