A mom and daughter photograph

This. Makes. My. Heart. Swoon.

I just love when my clients put the grown up guard down during my photo sessions, and interact and play with their children! And since I'm always the most goofy person I get my clients to trust me and just enjoy their time together. I often say that a photoshoot with me is more of a playdate with your children than a photoshoot, just because everyone enjoys it so much!

This family were so playful, Miss Olivia enjoyed being on the beach so much so she was hard to catch, all she wanted to do was run:) just like toddlers do, they don't want to sit still! 
So we just went with it, played by her rules and the images we captured are so gorgeous!

Big brother Nathan was also a keen beach runner, and I can't wait to show you more photos of them all!

I'm currently taking bookings for the last few weeks of 2017, so if you are keen on knowing more of my maternity photography, family photography or newborn photography, just get in touch and lets have a chat on how I can help create something magical for you!

Enjoy your day,