How to spend 48 hours in Hongkong

After ten years here in Singapore i can't understand why i haven't visited Hongkong until now. We went on a spontaneous trip the other week, for 48 hours only. I have so many friends who live and has lived in Hongkong and they absolutely adore this city.

So I wanted to find out what they loved so much, even if I only had a very limited time to do so:).
We arrived late on Sunday evening so nothing much than eating dinner at W hotel Kowloon was achieved but we were early risers on the Monday, ready to explore the city. In retrospect I should have asked my friends what to visit since Hongkong is HUGE...and i believe we spent the day wrongly. We took the ferry (which was the best thing of the day according to my 6 year old) to central Hongkong but after that we just wandered around with no goal. Not suggested to do so! 
We hopped on a pram which gave us a nice view of the city and took the taxi back to the hotel.

Next day I had done my homework a bit better. I had asked a few of my friends but since i had only a few hours we skipped those advice and stayed in the Kowloon area, going down to Shanghai Street.
Authentic and vibrant. I loved this, when I see everyday life passing by, I love documenting it, and so I did. At least for 40 minutes until my little one started complaining wanting to go back to the pool at the hotel (I don't blame him really, it was a cool location of the pool, 76th floors up...gulp)

At least I managed to explore Hongkong a bit, and it will not take me ten more years to visit!