Family photo session at the Chinese Garden!

This family lasted for a 3 hour photo shoot at the Chinese Garden just before Christmas and the only reason (besides them being awesome) that they managed that long is because they knew that mama Natasha was keen on several backgrounds, if that isn't love, I don't know what is.
And boy, did we get some nice backgrounds!

Big brother Joshua was visiting his family still living here in Singapore, over Christmas. He now studies at university in the States, and it was so clear that the family had missed spending time with him! It warms my heart to see such strong bonds that this family have, mutual respect and a playful side that I just adore! I have so many playful photos from this session, especially the ones where we photographed the siblings alone:).

Chinese Garden on this sunny morning was almost empty of people which made it so much fun to  photograph between the different sites (if you are thinking of visiting Chinese Garden, I would strongly suggest a weekday) the family photos in front of the Pagoda, sitting down at the red bridge.

We got so many photographs from this session so there will be a post numero 2 coming up! More love, more photos and more playfulness!