Twins+happy parents= gorgeous photo shoot!

The first time I met Ilica and Glen, these two adorable twins were still in mamas belly,( we had an amazing maternity session on the beach that up to this day is one of my favourites). I'm so happy I finally got to meet the twins! You are so adorable:).
And did someone say, rainy season? The adorable natural light is always shining at my sessions (:) and no exception this morning, so thank you for that!

The kids are always in charge during our photo sessions (but, shhhh don't TELL them that) and when photographing 8-month old TWINS, you pretty much just gotta roll with it:). Flying high up in the air, cuddles with daddy and swinging with mommy, pretty much everything that toddlers like to do:). We all had a blast in the  morning sun and before we knew it we had run out of time, the twins decided it was nap time so we waived goodbye.

Hope you are having a lovely week so far, and thanks for stopping by!