Meet Joshua/High School Senior photographer Singapore

First time I met Joshua, I did photograph his entire family and I told Mama Natasha "lets- see- how- the- family- session- goes- first- and- then- lets- decide- if- Joshua- wants- to- have- his- high- school- seniors- photos- taken"....(puh!that was a long sentence)  I must have done something right since we ended up photographing his Senior photos here in Singapore a few days after, wihoo!

As always, choosing a location that fits well with who you are and what you like is super important, and the discussion went back and forth on however we should have an architectural background, urban feeling or choose something a tad different, in the end we went for a mountain like setting which suited Joshua best (and thank you for letting me know that there actually ARE mountains in Singapore:).

Despite the rain we kept going and at the end there were hardly no light at all, which created a deep and moody feeling to the photographs which also suited the location and Joshua's personality really well and I am super happy about the outcome! Creating a lovely mix for mom and dad as keepsake of their son off to collage, and of course, Joshua's choice of images which is more on the editorial side, I love the combo!

I hope you like the photos as much as i do, and if you are interested in finding out more on a Teen photo shoot or High School Senior photo shoot here in Singapore, just give me a shout!

Have a wonderful Friday, it's the weekend! Wihoo.