family photographer Singapore

I seriously do not know where to start... I mean look at that gorgeous little face! It's a dangerous job being a photographer, I mean I already have 3 cheeky munchkins but  photographing these cute kiddos does something to my brain, it immediately jumps into baby mode "hey dear hubby, wouldn't it be nice with a baby in the house again...."...NO?! oh well...

Ok, back on track now...adorable lovingly family and we had some amazing props for this family session, I just love those enormous helium balloons (that lasts forever when the helium is out, just ask me I had 3 of these in my home not to long ago....balloons everywhere) the vintage chair I was so happy to use, I had been looking to ship one over from Singapore but even me realised it was perhaps a little to ambitious, hubby tried to tell me that "they must sell those in Singapore as well" and luckily I found the chair at the Salvation Army in Bukit Timah and changed the fabric on it. Love it!

Thank you for sharing your story with me!