Enjoying Sydney

Ok everyone. I have a bit of confession to make. 
I have fled hazy Singapore (but planned before the haze even came but still) for a Sydney, full in bloom ready for Spring. Blue skies, perfect temperature and breezy winds, just the way I like it!

First time I visited Sydney was 13 years ago, before even moving to Singapore. I liked it but did the usual touristy stuff, and mainly stayed downtown (we did go to Taronga Zoo and The Blue Mountains but that was about it).

And it took me 10 years to go back here. What on earth was wrong with me, waiting so long?

I have now been in Sydney 3 times in 2 years and Iove it here, I wonder why people ever actually leave this place? Lovely, fresh food, great outdoors, gorgeous seasons, what else can we ask for?

The way I tourist now is completely different, I am more interested in the "real" life of the places I visit. This trip so far we have enjoyed visiting Watsons Bay, Manly Beach (always go here for lunch at Crinitis, yum yum) Balmoral Beach (you have to visit The Boathouse, one of the coolest restaurants I have been to it's just so fresh and open), Blue Mountains, Featherdale (since our youngest always says he wants to see kangaroos and we never manage to do so, oh well we saw a dead one driving from Hunter Valley last time but that doesn't count...) The Grounds at Alexandria and we are soon off to Bondi Beach. I know some of them still are quite touristy, but still a big improvement from my first visit and they are gorgeous locations so I mean, why not?

The places we have visited this time if truly amazing, the food has been great, the atmosphere lovely and the weather just perfect, not too warm and not too cold (not even when it rained the first couple of days did we get discouraged, heck no, one extra layer of clothes and ordering hot cocoa with marshmallows instead) visiting the places that the Sydney peeps hang around during the weekend, feeling the vibe has been quite an experience. Can't wait to go back here again!

About the images, I have never uploaded Iphone pics before, so sorry in advance if the images are poor in quality, wrong size...you know!

Enjoy your day and stay tuned for more images from my Sydney trip!

Links to fab places here: Manly Beach, Crinitis Featherdale Wildlife Park Balmoral Beach The Boathouse Blue Mountains Watsons Bay Bondi Beach