Glamour magazine photo shoot!

Remember the photo shoot a couple of weeks ago that I had with Kristin Mariella for the Icelandic Glamour magazine? The article has been published and I can't wait to see it!

We wanted the images to be  creatively strong with a editorial flare (since hey, Glamour magazine, right) at the same time they needed to look and feel natural (actually the next to last photo, Kristin started fixing her hair and I just went "STOP! Don't move!"...see non- posey at all:).

We found some really cool locations  around the office, and the urban feel looks so great with the gorgeous jewellery and I can't be happier with the end results! Sometimes locations that don't look much from the outside turns out being the best ones (actually I just had a corporate headshot taken at that orange wall and they turned out super lovely too!).
Her hubbys favourite image is the next to last one:) just so you know.

Hope you like the images as much as I do, why don't you leave a comment on which one is your favourite?

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