Happy first October!

Living in Singapore for the last 9 years and for an outdoorsy kinda person, I haven't terribly missed the changes of the season here. Until I went back two years ago, that is. I think I just blocked the memories of popping up of the leafs changing colour, the earthy smell and the fun in putting a jacket on. 
I do understand that this may sound very strange for some of you, that come from a sun year around place and I do think you need to have experienced it to appreciate it.

Two years ago I went back in October and for the first time in seven years we also went back for Christmas.
After coming back to Singapore, I met up with a friend from Sydney who also spent her Christmas back home. She had loved the sunlight, the white sandy beaches and being outdoors.
Once I told her that it was so nice spending Christmas in Sweden "it was so dark and it was raining....we loved it" she honestly looked at me like I was from the planet Mars, haha.

But then again, I always love coming back to tropical Singapore, that's for sure and I am not sure I would last a WHOLE winter with rain and total darkness most of the day...but I do love the transitions of the seasons...but only when I think about them!

Hope you are having a fabulous day so far!