The meaning of life/family photographer singapore

One look at the kiddos driving up to the location with my car, and I instantly knew that this was gonna be a fantastic session, they were a little bit shy in the beginning but once the family shots were taken, they knew that it was all fun and plays from there and they started relaxing and they are so adorable! I also love when the parents throw away the "adult policies" and just plays with their children, full heartedly.
Being there, in the moment. I promise that is worth more than all the toys or devices we buy to our kids, they just want us to be there for them....ok sorry, got a bit side tracked here:) focus Gunilla, focus....

A perfect morning to swing up high with the birch swing, cuddling with your little sister and feeling your dads arms around you in a gentle hug. Feeling the loved and giving love.

While driving home from the session, I got overwhelmed with feelings (does that ever happen to you?) life is so precious and fragile and we should really enjoy it with every ounce we've may sound cliché and I am as guilty on forgetting that as the next person, but sometimes it hits me, the true wonders of life and the feeling of being deeply loved. Just like this family, creating memories together, loving and taking care of each other. That must be the meaning of life after all.

Hope you are having a lovely day and thanks for stopping by!

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