A summer morning kinda shoot/children photographer singapore

Smell of summer, barefoot children, warm wind playing in your hair, embracing the final days of summer. 
Photographing Alva in her hometown this summer, capturing her in this moment, as she is now, was so much fun and I love photographing children, they are so carefree and in the moment which we as adults sometimes are missing out on...

We tried some fishing but no luck what so ever so we just sticked to having fun, messing around on the board walk instead. Just being, enjoying each others company and the last days of summer while the sailboats were passing by (actually one sailboat thought it was really funny to put anchor just behind Alva, looking at what we were photographing, I just had to wait them out until they found us boring haha).

Hope you enjoyed these photos and thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it

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