The love of siblings/children photographer singapore

A warm and sunny summer evening, the birds were chirping in the afternoon light and it was like Mother Nature said "come and play with me". Minutes later, these three little munchkins arrived and were all up for some evening fun. 

Cheeky and playful. And cute. Well, that about sums up these cute siblings. Big brother Fred is the mature boy who looks after cheeky little sister Julia, and baby Elton, well he is all cute!
It's fascinating to see children's different personalities at such an young age, one thing they have in common though is the love for each other. I am sure they fight over toys sometimes, but the strong bond they have will always be there.
Running up and down, holding hands was a favourite once we made it a game, hugs I didn't even need to ask for they came automatically.

Heading home I got a message from the parents "they all fell asleep in the car". Well, I bet ya, after all that playing I would too!

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