Storytelling photography/singapore family photographer

When I meet my clients for their consultation meeting we always discuss the process of being photographed by me and the one thing I always mention is the importance of thinking of their photo shoot as a time for them to hang out as a family. Reading storybooks, playing with the favourite teddybear, cuddling and just feeling loved. I will be there to guide them, all steps of the way.

During my photo sessions, I put my silly hat on and immediately start getting everybody relaxed and enjoying their time together, if I am the silly one they usually feel more comfortable and relaxed which produces more flattering photograph as an end result.

This is the Morgan family. We met up one late afternoon (seriously how cute is baby girl) to create some family photographs together, you could really see how much their daughter means to them! She is so loved by her parents and they will be there for her throughout her life!
And the last photograph of them, cuddling up as a family reading the storybook, is one of my all time favourites since it's so emotional and real.

I hope you enjoyed to see this family session!

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