Why this session was so much fun?/children photographer singapore

Splashing water, telling secrets, giggling, hanging out with your best friend and oh yes some fishing too! These two girls must be the most spunky ones out there! Happy to be photographed but at the same time so full of pranks haha.

It was one of those gorgeous, warm Swedish evenings, when it's that perfect not much is beating that (it only happens a few days of summer though:) so better treasure it. 

No luck with the fishing but we captured the right elements of these girls since they love the outdoors and fishing is one of the summer activities that are a must. Sitting on the pier with a fishing rod, together with your bestest friend that must be the best thing ever! 
And once the sun was setting late that evening, and once I was driving home in my little car reflecting on the fun session, I knew we had created something meaningful and beautiful for this family.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and hope to see you again!

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