two sisters and a rabbit/Singapore children photographer

When the sun hit the water and we were wrapping up the photo session, I though to myself that I was one lucky photographer, being invited to my clients lives, hearing their stories and seeing their connections. We spent the afternoon together for their children session in Stockholm, under a sky of clouds and beautiful light.

I was thrilled to plan this shoot for the girls! I knew the focus would be on the girls only and that incorporating props was a thumbs up. Lucky me!

It was a perfect hot summer afternoon in Stockholm, so we ventured into the forest close to the lake for the first photos, we all skipped our shoes and went barefoot into the grass, excited to see the reaction of the cutest little blue eyed rabbit when he was released into the wild? 
Would he happily hop away into the forest, never to be seen again? I must admit, I was a tee wee bit nervous about that, but he was like a trained dog and stayed put. Phew...! Maybe he knew that there was fresh carrots coming his way....

The rabbit soon got tired of being a super model for a day, so we continued photographing the girls only, you can really feel the connections the girls have, spontaneous and cheeky and oh so beautiful!

Once the sun was getting lower on the sky, and we were losing light we took the last photos of the evening on the boardwalk (I even got one photograph with gorgeous mama Malin too!) and I think all fishermen have pink Hunter boots! It they don't...they should!

So excited to follow these girls on their journey, you will carve your path and find happiness along the way. Thank you Malin for letting me photograph your girls, your family is beautifully kind and loving....something you should take pride in!

Until next time, take care and enjoy the day!

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