Polly the Pug

Meet Polly the Pug. The newest addition to our family. She's just so lovable, I never saw myself as a pug owner, I have always been more into big dogs, not the wimpy barking small ones...but I just couldn't resister her...even though she looks like a mix of a bat, a gremlin and an old aunt....:)

After 7 months with Polly we realised this:
-She snores. Even when she is awake, she snores
-She LOVES her dog bones and tries to hide them behind the sofa
- She loves sleeping on her back if no one is around to sleep ON
-She just learned how to sit...I know we really should train her more
-She truly thinks she's the boss..of us and the other animals in our house
-Sleeping on the pillow is the best
-Polly truly is happy whenever anyone is coming home, and that is such a nice feeling!


Have a look at this awesome page, all about pugs HERE

I hope you are having a lovely day so far!