Lifestyle newborn session at home

Newborn photography Singapore 

This gorgeous family were looking for vey simple and authentic images that told the story of welcoming their baby home. I love lifestyle photography because the images are timeless, real and whole-hearted.  They provide a snapshot of what life was like at this moment. I believe these photographs captured the sweetness of life with a newborn, since I'm looking for real emotions and seek it in every photograph, so photographing my newborn sessions at my clients home is the perfect setting to my newborn photography style. these are truly the photos that you will cherish for years to come.

What made this photoshoot even more special was that grandpa was visiting from Scotland, greeting his first grandson to the world. You can see in the photos of them together how special that moment felt for him, holding his grandson for the first time. I must say that is one of the most emotional moments I have experienced.

My way of photographing newborns is called lifestyle newborn, focusing on  capturing the strong bond between parents and their bundle of joy, the real moments rather than a posed photoshoot. Most of the time the photoshoot takes place in my clients homes a few weeks after settling in at home (as a mother of 3 kiddos myself, I know that the first thing on your mind is not planning for a photoshoot) and there is no stress, a newborn session can take place weeks afterwards and not 3 days after!

Offering my clients the best products to accompany keeping their memories safe, I offer high end products such as folio box, canvases and prints. I also do sell the high resolution digital photographs but I always like to see that my clients go home with tangible artwork for their home, to really appreciate the experience of being photographed by Sugarlight Photography. I am there with you all the way, from our first phone call to the day you receive your products (and beyond that I would say, most my clients come back year after year, capturing their growing family in a candid way).

If you are looking for a newborn photography experience in Singapore just reach out, I would love meeting you to start planning your session!

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