Diana & Carl/Singapore wedding photographer

It must be fate. When people find love, their soulmate and best friend wrapped up into one person, there just can't be anything else but fate.
When Diana and Carl arrived, I told them I scoped out the surrounding are for locations to shoot. I told them I found a beautiful stair with great light, they were all, AWESOME!

Having about 30 minute to create beautiful memories off their wedding celebrations, it was actually very stress-free and a happy, lovingly vibe to it! And I am so happy with the outcome of the images and I can't wait to fully show them for the happy couple (that at this moment are in Bali for their honeymoon) once they are back in Singapore.

Diana and Carl got married this summer in Norway so it was only fair that family and friends here in Singapore were invited for an evening of fun, love and happiness, right? Being the couples third (! most couples are lucky to get to celebrate one) wedding celebration, you could absolutely have fooled us, being so happy sharing this special day with family and friends, dancing the night away.

Thank you for sharing your love story with us, you are one amazing couple!

Thank you to the wonderful people at Flutes National Museum for your service minded and happy contribution to the event (checking up on us if we wanted to have something to drink, just those small things that actually do matter a lot).

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