The sweetest little girl/Children photographer Singapore

Barefoot feet walking in the grass, wind playing with her dark brown hair, gorgeous pink tutu twirling in the afternoon light. All while giggling out loud. When I met Miss "A" and her ever so stylish mama, I thought I was in heaven. Tutu heaven. 

So many cute outfits, I felt like taking them all home! (since my two youngest is boys not sure what I would do with them though...OR how to persuade the boys to wear it...that would be just... weird...right?).

Ballerina dresses, pointy shoes, tutu dresses, we were playing around in the park, climbed up the  old tree, we photographed her in the gorgeous sunset, swirling her ballerina dress so perfectly, hula hoops in the sunlit carpark in her glittery sneakers. And go figures, we seem to have the same passion for the colour pink! Who knew :).

It was indeed one special evening.

I hope you are enjoying this extra day of February:).