The girl and the goldfish part II


Merry Christmas! I hope you have had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones. Having a few days off with my family, eating too much Christmas candy, eating way too much Christmas food but now back in full swing today with 2 sessions today and 2 more this week and then we are celebrating New Years Eve.

After all Christmas photos I wanted to share with you this children session since it's one of my all time favourite, Medea is awesomely adorable, but besides of that the shoot has a whimsical tone to it and it's a little different.
I mean who REALLY brings out their goldfish to the park?

I wanted to allow me to create something different, pushing my artistic limits.  
After each season with a full scheduled calendar, my soul is thirsting to try out something new and widen my artistic horizon.

After getting Goldie (yup the goldfish) I thought she could actually live in the bowl, but after some research we found out she couldn't, apparently she needed oxygen...I know shocking, right! 
So I just had to go and buy an aquarium for her...don't say I don't put effort into my props:).

I hope you enjoyed seeing the images from this themed children session and thank you so much for stopping by!
Take care/Gunilla

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